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Never before has the country been under so much pressure to build homes.  With a nationwide shortage of affordable housing, we continue to work closely with national house builders, housing associations, local authorities and private developers, to deliver the homing infrastructure required to support a net-zero carbon future.

Every person has the right to live in a warm, safe and efficient home, which is why the needs of the occupant remain firmly at the centre of our service offering.  By working closely with our valued supply chain partners, focusing on innovation and bringing new product technologies to market, we are collectively tackling the net-zero challenge head on. We support our customers in the delivery of homes that are fit for a sustainable future. But our expertise goes well beyond that. Up and down the UK, from affordable apartments to high-end luxury family homes, we are working with the housing community to design infrastructure and civils solutions that maximise land usage, consider local site conditions and the wider urban infrastructure.

Our ambition is to support developers of all sizes, recognising that each category of developer faces its own set of unique challenges.  By engaging us early in the scheme’s planning phase, we can help design in-programme efficiencies, ensuring that materials are available on site exactly as required.  As a construction community, we face some big hurdles in the housing market. But, by working together and through greater collaboration, we can create a housing solution that is truly reflective of the need to build homes for the future. Homes that improve quality of life and wellbeing, and that fulfil our promise of making the world a better home.

We work closely with our industry-leading supply partners to offer you value-added solutions. Not only do we help reduce installation costs on site, but we also provide significant benefits in terms of the environment, health and safety. We supply a mixture of drainage and heavy side solutions to the house builder and ground worker sectors. With a significant stockholding and dedicated delivery fleet, we ensure that you get the right products and quantities, at the right time and place.

Our expert team will guide you through our specialisms:

  • Plot drainage
  • Attenuation
  • Surface water drainage
  • Ground stabilisation
  • Geo-grids and Geo-textiles
  • Sewer pipe systems
  • Flag and kerb