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Jewson Civils Frazer Industry Updates

Keep up to date with our latest industry and company announcements.

BMF and CECA propose joint industry steering group

The BMF and CECA (Civil Engineering Contractors Association) have discussed plans to develop a joint industry steering group in an effort to transform the information flow between civil engineering contractors, clients and the material distribution, manufacturing and merchant market.  

This announcement from BMF CEO John Newcomb and CECA CEO Alasdair Reisner was broadcast to attendees of the BMF Civils & Infrastructure Forum, hosted by BMF Civils and Infrastructure Group Chairman, Nick Boyle.

The event was an opportunity to hear first-hand from John, Alasdair and Nick about the urgent requirement for the construction industry to break normal ‘reactive’ working methods and become more transparent in the sharing of information that will ultimately improve productivity and innovation across the entire construction industry.  The intention to develop a joint steering group between the two trade associations signals a clear intent to put this new culture of openness into practice.

The headline event was an opportunity to hear Alasdair’s perspective on the recently published Construction Playbook.  The new 14-policy guidance document is likely to start influencing infrastructure procurement projects as early as 2022 and as Alasdair pointed out, presents a massive opportunity for our industry, Alasdair comments: “the Construction Playbook represents the greatest reform in government procurement we’ve ever seen.  It brings much greater emphasis to social and environmental outcomes of a project, not just the on-time, on-budget measures typically used.  It also acknowledges the need for early supply chain involvement – a switch from the typical model of early contractor involvement.  There is a lot to wade through in this guidance, but by its very nature, will force the construction industry to move at pace to be able to evidence many of its new requirements.”

“The Government has issued new rules of the game for Infrastructure by publishing the Construction Playbook – we need to learn the rules together”

Alasdair Reisner, CECA Chief Executive Officer

john newcombJohn Newcomb spoke passionately to the audience about the key lessons the industry has learnt as a consequence of COVID and how together, we can look towards a brighter future, John says: “Right now the door is wide open for us to continue making a huge, positive impact on the British economy.  In truth, COVID highlighted many weaknesses in our industry but in response we have come back stronger than ever through the tireless work of the Construction Leadership Council uniting our industry with one voice.  Now, we must extend our reach and by collaborating with associations such as CECA we are making a public declaration that we must act as one industry – by breaking out of our silos, we will make a significant contribution to Build Back Better.”

“This is a watershed moment for our industry,” explained Nick Boyle in summing up the event.  He went on to say: “We need to be part of the solution not the problem.  If we can work together, utilising new best practice, we can make significant improvements to productivity and innovation in our sector.  By sharing information and being more transparent we can develop a deep encyclopaedia of supply and demand and make the biggest impact this industry has ever seen.”

The first BMF/CECA Steering Group meeting is scheduled for the Autumn 2021.

“We must act as one industry – by breaking out of our silos, we will make a significant contribution to Build Back Better.”

John Newcomb, BMF Chief Executive Officer

Supply chain statement - April 2021

Latest from Jewson Civils Frazer Sales Director Nick Boyle

Nick Boyle - Sales Director As a construction community, we continue to face tough challenges with unprecedented levels of volatility in the supply chain and in input costs. We have been faced with complex issues such as the pandemic and Brexit. More recently we have dealt with a global shortage of shipping containers affecting shipping times, harsh weather events and exceptional demand in East Asian markets. As throughout 2020, our role is to continue to work with our supply partners and customers to successfully navigate through these choppy waters.

In 2020 we responded quickly to the unfolding events of COVID-19, and modified our operations to guarantee supply of materials to the vast majority of our customers. Our ability to gear-up, both operationally and from a stockholding capability, enabled us to meet the needs of hundreds of projects across the UK. Working with our suppliers, we have significantly invested over and above our usual stock levels, across our branches, to level out some of the immediate challenges we face. Now, more than ever, we support Build Back Better. By strengthening our own stockholding position, we are able to protect our own business and by doing so, protect your business too. This will always be our number one priority.

"In 2020 we responded quickly to the unfolding events of COVID-19 and modified our own operations, with agility, to guarantee supply of materials to the vast majority of our customers."

Nick Boyle - Jewson Civils Frazer Sales Director

Without question, more challenges lie ahead. The world is changing daily, yet we remain agile and flexible in our response. Through our nationwide network of branches, we will continue to provide you with the stock you want, and where you need it. We ask you, our customers, to engage with us early on in your projects to discuss your anticipated demand. As an industry, the pressure we face is enormous. But we can, and we will, build our way back to a better Britain. 

Discuss your product requirements with your local branch, our team of experts are ready to help. 

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