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Jewson Civils Frazer Case Studies


With over 40 years of history in the industry, EJ has grown to become a leading manufacturer and supplier of access covers and drainage gratings in the UK.

A global enterprise spanning five continents, EJ advocate innovation, quality and a commitment to customer service, that reflects in the partnerships with supply chain partners.

Being regarded by customers as more than a materials distributor is at the heart of the Jewson Civils Frazer purpose. Yet, this single objective is reliant on the strong partnerships the business has established with leading supply chain partners. Nick Boyle, Jewson Civils Frazer sales director, Paul Smith, EJ managing director and EJ’s head of business development, Andrew Collins, discuss how the partnership between these two businesses brings real, commercial advantages to customers across the UK.

EJ factory

"We are two businesses completely aligned with the determination to keep the customer at the centre of our decision making. There’s certainly been no greater test of a supply chain partnership."

Nick Boyle, Jewson Civils Frazer sales director

The power of the EJ and Jewson Civils Frazer partnership is far-reaching, with new product development (NPD), and breadth of range firmly at the forefront of the relationship. A point Paul is keen to expand on. “Arguably EJ has the widest range of access solutions globally and, as our relationship with the Jewson Civils Frazer team has evolved, so has our scope to offer unrivalled and sometimes unique solutions, in line with market demands. At one end of the spectrum, we are working with the branch network to bring a vast range of products to customers – all with the same technical and product performance guarantee customers have come to expect.  And at the other end of our service offer, we are working closely with the team to develop bespoke solutions for a wide range of projects. We have significantly grown our NPD capability in the UK in the last few years, and now with access to EJ’s global technical strength we have solutions for almost any application, however challenging.”

Nick Boyle adds: “The EJ business has grown significantly under global ownership but the culture of the business remains firmly rooted in meeting the needs of customers.  As we evolve our own position in the materials distribution industry we are working closely with Paul and the EJ team to develop an even wider range of products through our branch network.” 

Further expanding on this point, Andrew Collins adds these thoughts: “It’s not uncommon for us to be working with Jewson Civils Frazer throughout an entire project delivering sustainable solutions, and bringing real value to the customer with our ability to provide standard and special solutions side by side. The benefit to the customer of this single source supply is that we’re able to evaluate the complete project and identify opportunities to value-engineer solutions. When Nick talks about being more than a materials distributor, he’s absolutely right. The very essence of our partnership is rooted in the mutual desire to help customers maximise cost and engineering efficiencies at every stage in the project. The only way of achieving that goal is by bringing an intelligent solution.”


Established over 30 years ago, Flexseal is today the UK’s go-to flexible coupling manufacturer. Servicing the civils & drainage, plumbing and water management sectors, it plays a vital role in shaping the way contractors repair and refurbish drainage and sewer pipelines across the globe.

With shared, deep-rooted cultures that promote collaboration, open communication, innovation and teamwork, it is easy to see why the long-standing relationship between Flexseal and Jewson Civils Frazer is a resounding success. 

In this interview we speak with Flexseal National Sales Manager, Ricky Hasprey, and Jewson Civils Frazer Sales Director, Nick Boyle, about how collaboration is benefitting their businesses and supporting their commitment of delivering added value to customers.

Flexseal factory

"We both strive for growth but also to deliver high quality products, added value and a service our customers cannot live without."

Ricky Hasprey - Flexseal National Sales Manager

“Working as an extension to one-another’s businesses is hugely beneficial for all involved” continues Ricky. “Our customers have the solutions they need and we can ensure that the service they receive is second to none. It also makes our internal processes much more fluid. Our teams are focussed, they work together to drive sales and provide added value at all levels in the supply chain.”

Whilst the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown challenges of all types at the construction industry, Flexseal took it as an opportunity to take stock and invest further in facilities that will support customers and their relationships. They built a new training centre at their Barnsley head office, already recognised by the Builders Merchants Federation as a Centre of Excellence. Nick Boyle said “One of the things that really stands out about Flexseal is the product support they deliver.  New product innovations require thorough training and the team are always on hand to educate our sales teams when needed. We also work with them to deliver tutoring and support directly to our customers, just another great example of how our collaboration adds value to the industry.”


Barhale is one of the UK’s largest civil engineering and infrastructure specialists. Founded in 1980, the company is involved in the design, construction and maintenance of some of the country’s most important water, transport, energy and built environment projects.

Martin Casey, Sector Director (Utilities and Infrastructure) at Jewson Civils Frazer discusses the company’s work with Barhale and explains what has made the partnership such a success. “Our strong relationship with Barhale is over a decade long, built on the shared values of trust and integrity and a dedication to open communication and collaboration. We have partnered with them on multiple projects, working closely with their teams to understand the complex challenges they face so that we can supply the products and expertise required to deliver the ambitions of each scheme.”


“Our strong relationship with Barhale is over a decade long, built on the shared values of trust and integrity and a dedication to open communication and collaboration.”

Martin Casey - Jewson Civils Frazer Sector Director (Utilities and Infrastructure)

This is something valued by the team at Barhale. Josh Bartimus, Senior Buyer at Barhale said: “Whenever we have worked with Martin Casey and members of his team at Jewson Civils Frazer, in particular Lee Murphy, they have really shown their commitment to supporting our projects and helping us to overcome specific challenges. They have used their expert knowledge and own supply chain relationships to help us to source and manufacture products that on occasion don’t otherwise exist. They are real collaborators and always listen to our requirements. We know we can rely on Martin and his team to deliver innovative and modern utility solutions where and when we need them.”

Martin Casey added, “As a business, one of our key objectives is for our customers to view us as more than just a materials distributor. We strive to be regarded as an extension to their own team, - an essential partner that they cannot live without. This is exactly how we approach our relationship with Barhale and we are committed to ensuring that our relationship enhances their operations.”


For 130 years, Naylor has been at the heart of the UK construction industry. They’ve quickly become leading suppliers of clay and plastic pipes, and concrete products to projects right across the country. Today, under the leadership of CEO Edward Naylor, the business continues to thrive with a culture of innovation and diversification. Reflecting on the heritage of this fourth-generation family business, Naylor still retains strong values around people and partnerships. 

As two businesses, Jewson Civils Frazer and Naylor have a long standing partnership, bringing to market innovative products to meet the ever-changing demands of the construction and civils industries. In this interview, we talk to Edward Naylor and Jewson Civils Frazer Sales Director, Nick Boyle to explore the impact of this partnership in today’s construction environment.

Edward Naylor comments: “I took over the business in 1993, and what struck me immediately, was the value of relationships with our people, customers, and supply chain. Treating people with respect internally is important, but communicating openly and honestly with our partners is equally vital. Our success is as much about the people we do business with, as it is about the products we produce.”

Nick comments, “With Naylor, through our operational relationship and our product innovation plans, our mission of making the world a better home is very much front and centre in our discussions. Not only are we working with Naylor to look at the market-facing products that drive net zero, we are also implementing operational improvements to reduce wastage, maximise vehicle loads and increase recycling – important factors that drive the wider net zero target.”

Reflecting on 2020 and the impact of the pandemic on business operations, Nick comments: “COVID really brought into focus the importance of being agile and flexing to meet customer needs. Naylor rose to this challenge and supported us with an inventory strategy that reflected the urgency and immediacy brought about by the pandemic. Now, as the world begins to return to normal we are retaining that same level of responsiveness demonstrating to our customers that throughout our branch network we have the right stock, at the right time.”

"We are facing, head-on, the biggest threat to our planet. What we do now and who we choose to partner with will define our carbon-future."

Edward Naylor - Naylor CEO

Callidus Scotland is a civil engineering company involved in some of the UK’s most significant construction projects. Led by construction director Freddie King, and commercial director Tony Deegan, the business is thriving thanks to its impressive reputation for delivering exceptionally high standards and innovation. 

Having worked together on many projects over the last ten years, Jewson Civils Frazer and Callidus Scotland are proud of their strong partnership and ability to deliver modern and sustainable building solutions. We talked to Freddie King and Jewson Civils Frazer sales director Nick Boyle, to learn more about the partnership and how their collaborative approach is driving innovation and sustainability.

Freddie King comments: “In our industry, relationships are key. We’ve worked with the Jewson Civils Frazer team on numerous projects over the years and the partnership has always been a great success. They are real collaborators and can always be relied upon to listen to our requirements, understand the project challenges and deliver the best value-led solutions as a result. 

We worked together on the Valneva Vaccination Centre at Livingston which was a huge success. As a confidential project, integrity from our suppliers was key, but experience told us Jewson Civils Frazer could be relied upon to retain the integrity of the project. Their proficiency and advice ensured that we offered a fully sustainable and solution-based package to our client.”

Nick Boyle remarks: “Working with Callidus Scotland on the Valneva project and other works is always enjoyable. They are open to solutions and new ideas and are always looking to show their client different methods of construction. They are steadfast in the delivery of sustainable product alternatives and valued engineering opportunities.

We are excited about the next chapter of our relationship, and the further opportunities we will have to work in partnership. We look forward to exploring more sustainable build methods and driving projects towards net zero.”

"We have shared our 'making the world a better home' missions with Callidus Scotland and they share our vision for the future."

Nick Boyle - Valneva Sales Director

Since 1909, Balfour Beatty has been the contractor behind some of the world’s most important construction projects, creating and caring for the vital infrastructure that underpins all our daily lives. From roads and railways, to airports, bridges, power plants and places to live and work, Balfour Beatty shapes the world we live in, fulfilling both nationally critical complex infrastructure through to local and regional projects at the heart of our communities. 

With a shared vision of Making the World a Better Home, commitment to sustainable development and building for the future, Jewson Civils Frazer has collaborated with and supported Balfour Beatty on a significant number of UK infrastructure projects, providing expert advice and innovative solutions on a vast range of schemes.


Martin Cope, National Account Manager at Jewson Civils Frazer, has worked closely with Balfour Beatty on many of these projects: “Our collaborative approach and shared vision with Balfour Beatty is what makes our relationship such a success. We understand their business, the way they operate, their requirements and the challenges they face. On every project we partner, we put ourselves in their shoes. Our role isn’t simply to supply materials. It’s much more than that. We are a partner and an extension of their own team. From day one we make sure that our knowledge of the project is aligned, enabling us to recommend the most suitable and innovative solutions for the job. We deliver an uncompromised level of service too. We guarantee that solutions are easily supplied, quick to order and delivered where and when they are needed. It’s this that makes us stand out and it’s simply how we do business.”

And Jewson Civils Frazer really does go above and beyond to deliver excellent service. “I think one of the reasons we have such great relationships with our customers is that we always look at things from their perspective,” continues Martin. “We are constantly trying to find new ways to support them, to make their experience of working with us even simpler. For Balfour Beatty we have developed a bespoke online ordering catalogue and system to make ordering products even easier. We are also currently trialling a new provision that will assist buyers and project managers to accurately price jobs and gauge product availability. It is proving to be really successful with the Balfour Beatty team and we are hoping to roll this out further once the trial is complete.”

“I think one of the reasons we have such great relationships with our customers is that we always look at things from their perspective.”

Martin Cope - Jewson Civils Frazer National Account Manager

It’s this kind of collaboration that really showcases the real capability of Jewson Civils Frazer. Going the extra mile to find and invest in solutions that enhance each and every part of the customer relationship. “Collaboration is vital at every stage of the supply chain,” continues Martin. “We play a very central role in the construction industry and championing the journey to net zero. It is our responsibility to ensure that our customers are introduced to the latest material innovations that will get them there and that our suppliers are aware of theBalfour Beatty challenges our customers face to meet the challenges of modern construction. ‘Building New Futures’, the Balfour Beatty sustainability strategy, shares the same principles of our own vision of Making the World a Better Home and is another great example of how collaboration is a vital part of our successful relationship. We regularly host meetings with the team to discuss key sustainability issues to ensure that we are supporting where needed and actively working towards our joint targets. It’s quite simple really, by working together, we help to shape each other’s businesses, developing the innovative solutions we need to improve our operations and satisfy the demand for more sustainable materials.”

The joint purpose of working together goes beyond commercial projects, Jewson Civils Frazer regularly supports Balfour Beatty in the delivery of vital community projects, Martin explains “The most recent of which is Parsonage Pocket Park in Withington, Manchester. Last year Balfour Beatty assisted Highways England to transform an unloved and under used space within this urban area into a beautiful pocket park. They needed support with materials and turf to complete the transformation so we engaged the team at Rolawn, a key Jewson Civils Frazer partner, who agreed to donate all of the turf free of charge. Collaborating in this way is an important part of our commitment to Making the World a Better Home.

Ryan Garfield is Group Buyer at Balfour Beatty and works closely with the team at Jewson Civils Frazer. “As the category lead within Balfour Beatty for the last two years, Jewson Civils Frazer has shown why they were chosen and now seen to be one of our important strategic partnerships. They have shown multiple facets of a strategic partner with their vision and strategy, values, investment, planning and management systems, communications, risk, and reward.”

Martin Cope concludes: “At the end of the day we strive to provide Balfour Beatty with support in every area we can. Our objective is that we want to be recognised as not just a materials supplier by our customers but as a key partner and that is exactly what we have achieved here. Yes, we provide products but it’s the additional project collaboration, solutions advice, streamlined ordering services, monthly spending reports and critically, the trust we have earnt that makes us an important strategic partner. Our people, our knowledge and our capacity to see the bigger picture is what truly sets us apart.”