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Hear from our experts

"Easy to live with, harder to work without"

At Jewson Civils Frazer our people are at the centre of everything we do and everything we stand for. Every decision we make is rooted in the expert knowledge of our teams and the strong relationships they build with our customers and our supply chain partners.

Whether in branch or through our specialist contracts division, our team is committed to working collaboratively with our partners. In short, they are easy to do business with and difficult to live without.

Meet some of our team below and learn more about the Jewson Civils Frazer difference.

Peter Richards - Regional Sales Director – Midlands & South East

Peter Richards - Regional Sales Director – Midlands & South East

Peter knows this industry inside out and back to front having worked for Wavin for several years, after which, he has spent a further 13 years within SGBD. Peter has worked through the ranks of Sales Executive, Civils Development Manager and now today, as a Regional Sales Director for the Midlands & South East. He is responsible for the delivery of some of our most complex projects, and is an expert voice on the importance and impact of our supplier partnerships.

Peter tells us more about the Jewson Civil Frazer journey towards net zero and how, through greater collaboration with our supply chain partners, we will make a bigger impact, faster:

“The biggest shift towards a net zero future will come when the entire industry accepts that we must tackle it as one community. At the moment, ‘net zero’ feels like words are hanging in mid-air, waiting for somebody to grab them and find a solution. For us, we’re approaching it entirely differently. We recognise that the greatest impact we can make right now is by working in partnership with our suppliers to deliver much greater levels of innovation into the market – innovation that tackles head-on the carbon challenge!

We have big ambitions in this business to lead the way. The amount of work that we are winning from new customers is increasing, meaning they recognise that we are taking positive steps to be more than a materials distributor. The culture of this business is all about ‘can do’, rather than ‘can’t do’, and it’s that spirit that will underpin our ambition to become number one in this market. Our entire operation is first-class, we have come through the pandemic in great shape by being flexible and agile in our approach to customer needs. Now, the biggest difference we can make is getting new innovations into the market quickly, keeping our vision at the centre of our decisions - making the world a better home.”

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Lee Knowles - National Utilities Manager (Power)

Lee Knowles - National Utilities Manager (power)

When it comes to offering expert, specialist solutions in the civils and utilities distribution industry, Lee Knowles knows all about power. With unrivalled product knowledge and a wealth of expertise, Lee prides himself on going above and beyond to exceed customers’ expectations. With 20 years’ experience in the industry, Lee is all about the power and telecoms industry and is keen to drive the Jewson Civils Frazer ambition to be number one in the market.

Lee explains more about his background and how Jewson Civils Frazer is well placed to achieve a number one position:

“I left school after my A levels and went straight into a construction company. It was a lot of site-based work and after two years I moved into the merchant sector. For 18 years I progressed up the ladder which resulted in my promotion four years ago into this role, specialising in the power sector – a role I absolutely love. This breadth of experience has taught me many things about the important interface between our branch capability and the needs’ of our customers. In this business there is no lag between the two, which is vital to ensure we deliver on our supply promises. Beyond that, there are two other critical factors that differentiate us. First, it’s our dedicated stock on the ground. We’re not operating civils and utilities as a ‘bolt on’, this is our core business and we are investing heavily in people, branches and supplier relationships to deliver a market-leading product range. Second, it’s our capability to value-engineer bespoke solutions for our customers. This isn’t a one-size fits all business. Customers and framework partners are looking for partners that are prepared to deliver solutions that go beyond product, and deliver other cost and resource efficiencies. That’s the Jewson Civils Frazer way.

This is an incredibly exciting time for our business. We have come through a global crisis stronger than when we went into it. We have developed and nurtured many new relationships as a consequence of our proactivity. Personally, I have big ambitions for the power team and I am proud to be part of this the Jewson Civils Frazer story.”

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Alex Rawson - National Account Director

Alex Rawson - National Account Director

When it comes to credentials, Alex is entirely motivated by the development of long term partnerships with our customers. With vast experience, Alex drives our ambition to be entirely transparent in our actions and operations, through the development of framework agreements designed to support growth and success for all. Like many team members at Jewson Civils Frazer, Alex has a stellar career in the civils and utility industry gaining his first experience of United Utilities as a procurement and stores manager for a firm in the North West. By 1998 Alex joined the Saint-Gobain Group and during his career has spent time as a sales director in Jewson, Frazer and the wider Saint-Gobain Contracts Division.

Alex tells us more about his role, his passion for collaboration and how he is well placed to lead our ambition to be a leading partner in the civils and utilities distribution market:

“Not long after graduating from university I landed in my first role in the utilities sector. Little did I know back then, that this exciting industry would define my career. Now, with 25 years’ experience under my belt I am proud to be part of a business that is dedicated to making a big impact in the distribution market. Reflecting on my career, I have had so many opportunities to see our industry from a range of perspectives. It’s with this knowledge that I am able to work with a broad spectrum of customers from a number of sectors, to develop long-term partnership agreements. And that’s the critical word – partnership. Unlike any other business in this market, we are true specialists offering value-led solutions. Even beyond that, we understand the critical importance of building relationships at every point in our business. We will never lose sight of that simple notion.

Much of my work today is all about designing the detailed plans that sit behind our partnerships. Yet as a young, dynamic specialist brand we are bringing a fresh perspective to this process, ultimately driving success for all parties – not hampering it. Without question, as a construction community, we face some big challenges and I, for one, am excited about bringing Jewson Civils Frazer solutions to that party.”

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Alan Milne - Key Account Manager (Multi-Utilities)

Alan Milne, key account manager - multi-utilities

Joining Jewson Civils Frazer in January 2021, Alan knows all about hard graft. He has worked tirelessly though his career to advance his skills, and strengthen his understanding of the multi-utilities market.  As a result, he now leads our multi-utilities sector offering in Scotland.  Finishing school in 1984 and joining a YTS scheme to become a draughtsman, Alan picked his way through the first half of his career grabbing every opportunity to advance his skills in construction and civils.  In 2000 he joined a plumber’s merchant, and in 2016 became a branch manager. With a vast insight into the complex world of the multi-utilities market, Alan brings this perspective:

“I can recall the buzz of landing my first big contract – it was a euphoric moment and that feeling drives my energy and passion for the multi-utilities sector today.  Very early in my career, I learnt the value of relationships. While our core skill as a business is the distribution of materials into large, complex projects, the ultimate point of differentiation is our care-factor.  You can’t measure it; you can’t build it – but it’s an attitude that runs throughout Jewson Civils Frazer.  Going the extra mile is just something we do. 

When it comes to the multi-utilities market, which is often seen as complex, we bring a great deal of skill, and view every project as an opportunity to help the client overcome inevitable challenges.  Whether it’s dealing with land issues, or navigating through a multi-layered project team with vast stakeholders, we are well placed to service this market.  With an unrivalled product range available throughout our branches we are growing our share in this sector at great pace.  This is an exciting time for us and we are relishing in the opportunity of delivering a truly joined-up approach to the multi-utilities market.”

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Stan Webster - Regional Sector Sales Director Scotland

Stan Webster - Regional Sector Sales Director Scotland

Stan Webster brings a strong presence to our business. With his vast knowledge and experience in the utility and multi-utilities market, he leads a team of experts supporting our customers in Scotland. Stan is relatively new to Jewson Civils Frazer, joining us in March 2020, but what he doesn’t know about the market in Scotland could be written on the back of a postage stamp! With Stan’s exemplary track record and experience, backed by our unrivalled product offering and logistics expertise as part of Saint-Gobain, our objective is to build our market share through the development of long-term trusted partnerships. Stan explains more on this:

“I’ve been working in the civil engineering industry since 1974, after I combined further studies with a busy career and enjoyed ten years with Tarmac Roadstone. Fast forward to 1985, and I realised my true passion for utilities in my role for ARC Pipes in a sales capacity. In 1995, my career really took off and I am proud of my contribution to the development of a multi-branch network for Burdens, which would see me join the senior management team in 1998.

Joining Jewson Civils Frazer is another new, exciting challenge. We have a tremendous opportunity to re-establish our presence in this market. As a young, fresh, dynamic business, we have boundless energy and resources to really make an impact. Through our branch structure and our vast product range we have everything in place to deliver significant growth, but what really defines this business is our people. I’ve spent many years in this industry, and had the privilege of working with many talented teams. But what strikes me about Jewson Civils Frazer is the capability of the entire team to go the extra mile – it’s remarkable. For the size and scale of this business, we have retained a strong people-first ethic and this is a dominant feature in our customer relationships too. In many ways we are perceived as the ‘new kids on the block’, but from what I can see in my time with this business, is that the market is ready for a fresh perspective.”

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Nick Boyle - Sales Director

Nick Boyle - Sales Director

At 17, Nick Boyle left school and took up a CITB placement with a civil engineering company as a bonus surveyor. The role was tough at such a young age, but his grit and determination to succeed propelled him into a fantastic career. Today, he leads the sales and commercial function of Jewson Civils Frazer, as well as sitting on the main executive board. Nick is the chairman of the Builders Merchants Federation Civils & Infrastructure Group. Experience is something that Nick has in droves, including spending 18 months in Asia and Australia. He has seen our industry from a range of perspectives but has always maintained a passion for the world of civils, working for some of the UK’s most well-known merchant brands.

With a strategic plan to become the UK’s number one distributor in the civils and utilities market, Nick has been instrumental in the development of an ambitious, yet achievable growth strategy that will see Jewson Civils Frazer deliver a strong market proposition. Nick tells us more:

“2019 marked the start of our journey as one business – taking the best of Jewson Civils and Frazer to deliver what is, today, the most advanced materials distribution business in the UK. Our first year of trading was against the backdrop of the pandemic, and despite the enormity of this situation, it enabled us to set out our stall very clearly to the market. As other businesses struggled to articulate the trading impact of COVID, we responded quickly. We demonstrated our capacity to be agile, flexible and customer-centric – values that will drive this business. In truth, we measure our success by being ‘best’ not ‘biggest’.

While the Jewson Civils Frazer name is new to the market, the expert team in the business is anything but. We have pulled together a strong team of highly experienced people, that all share the same commitment. That is to keep our customers at the centre of our decisions, and to deliver the best customer service experience in the industry. This mindset underpins every decision we make – from the way we collaborate with our suppliers, to the way we deliver our sector expertise through our branch network. What ultimately drives this business is the need to design a future that protects our planet, and what we recognise is that it starts in the ground! We have a huge responsibility to be part of a net zero future, and as part of Saint-Gobain, we have articulated this through our making the world a better home vision. This is just the start of our story, but it’s shaping up to be an exciting journey towards a better, more sustainable future.”

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Adrian Lyne - Regional Sales Director (Wales & South West)

Adrian Lyne, regional sales director – Wales & South West

Adrian knows exactly what it means to work your way up the ladder.  He began his career at Civils at the age of just 16, fulfilling roles from the warehouse, to operative and into management roles. This has ultimately lead him to his position today as regional sales director for Wales & South West.  This unique insight into the world of civils & utilities has defined Adrian’s career progression. Today, he is uniquely placed to lead on the Jewson Civils Frazer mission, to grow talent from within the business and reinforce our status as a leading employer.

Adrian shares these thoughts on his own career path and how it influences his own management style: “Throughout my career, I have been supported by some really incredible people and from that wealth of experience and opportunity I have tried to emulate some of those positive attributes. Of course, in my 40-year career, I’ve also witnessed some management styles that belong firmly in the past!  As well as delivering my role as a regional sales director, I have a great sense of duty towards the development of those around me, which is why I’m proud to be working with the executive team to drive our diversity and inclusion strategy.  Our mission is to ensure that every member of the Jewson Civils Frazer team is given the opportunity to grow their career, regardless of background. 

It takes many people, many skills, and many different personalities to grow a business, and we are committed to a culture that nurtures diversity.  We have big ambitions to lead this industry, and to do that we must invest in our people, attract new talent and create an environment where people want to stay.  COVID has brought into sharp focus the need to support one another in the workplace and now more than ever we are aware of the need to show compassion and kindness, something we must not lose sight of.  I am truly inspired by the team at Jewson Civils Frazer, our people are our greatest asset and in my role as a mentor and team leader I am entirely committed to a culture that naturally lends itself to a vibrant, successful and happy workplace.”.

Steve O’Brien - Head of Operational Improvement

Steve O’Brien - Head of Operational ImprovementSteve O’Brien couldn’t wait to kick-start his career after finishing school after his A levels.  With a love for math's and science, securing a job in a foundry was a perfect fit, giving him every opportunity to pursue his ideal career.  Working his way through the ranks from a young lad, Steve was fast to learn and by his early thirties, he left SGPAM as a site director.  Moving to Glassolutions, Steve saw manufacturing from an entirely different perspective and it was here, in an environment where margins were much tighter and efficiency was king, that Steve developed his extensive supply chain knowledge.  Now, as the lead voice on the Jewson Civil Frazer Sustainability Roadmap, Steve’s skills in operational excellence and supply chain management are bringing to life our contribution to the Saint Gobain purpose – Making the world a better home.

Steve tells us more about his drive and ambition to nurture a culture in Jewson Civils Frazer that puts net zero at the center of our decision making: “I’ve been tremendously lucky throughout my career to work with really talented people, either as colleagues or customers.  And today, I have the opportunity to bring the best of those experiences to my role and as a consequence implement best practice throughout every operational function within the business.  In many ways my career has come full circle.  Twenty-five years ago in my role at SGPAM we supplied Jewson Civils and Frazer as two firms and today I have the opportunity to influence the success of a re-focused and energised new business.  The real excitement for me now is the size of the impact we can have on a net zero future.  Every customer we engage has the capacity to shape the future – from delivering safe drinking water, to building the nation’s new infrastructure, to building new homes – at Jewson Civils Frazer we have the capability to touch every single project in that complex mix.  

“More importantly our role isn’t just about the supply of products, it’s about influencing how these products are developed, how they are brought to market and how we achieve greater sustainability throughout the supply chain.  The difference in this business is that our culture of openness and honesty, both with colleagues, customers and suppliers, perfectly lends itself to the development of a sustainability roadmap that will deliver actual, measurable results.  We are a strong business with big ambitions, but we are also agile and open-minded to new possibilities.  It’s in this spirit that we will achieve incredible things, and ultimately deliver on our net zero promises.”

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